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Summer Crafting Is Here!

Posted on by Blog Admin

Hello again to you all,

Summer Crafting 2014 is almost upon us and we are so excited about this years event.

Even more great news, we have just had confirmation that Nigel May from Create & Craft will be joining us this year.

This year we also have a special selfie competition were you can win £100 worth of goodies.
We cannot wait to see you there and hope you all have a fantastic time.


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Craftinator! – It won’t be back

Posted on by Blog Admin

This coming Friday, we have a brand new product launch – the Craftinator! Tattered Lace are kicking off Create and Craft’s Christmas event with this fabulous new range of dies. It comes in two parts, Country Garden and Festive.. meaning there is something for everyone, all year round, every occasion! The range includes some of my favorite dies so far and I hope you like them too.

You can view the full Festive range HERE

The full Country Garden range HERE

And you can keep updates with show times, and all of our samples on the Tattered Lace Facebook HERE

Here are a few of my favorites..

1 2 3 3a


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Puppy’s and POW!

Posted on by Stephanie

Hi Everyone,

Just a short but sweet post to catch up with you all. At the moment, i’m back at Create and Craft after a spell of not being well, but i’m beyond happy to be back – i’ve missed everyone!

Recently myself and all of the presenters at Create and Craft have lauched our own facebook pages, dedicated to bringing you behind the scene photo’s of products, guests and the whole C&C team! You can follow me HERE

Back at home, Betty has a new friend. Betty was running poor Grace and Arthur ragged, as she is so full of life and energy that Karl decided she needed a playmate. So here she is with Barny! They are so protective of each other it makes my heart melt.


Tomorrow my partner in crime, Nancy Watt,  is launching a brand new Tattered Lace POW – the Elegance collection volume 2! You can catch her from 12noon on Create and Craft TV, and this collection really is not to be missed – i love, love, love it!

Here is a sneaky peak sample, but you can see more HERE


That’s me for the day, i’m currently in between shows at C&C and tucking into this gorgeous piece of cake..


Thank you for reading, and i’ll be back soon :) x

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Guest Blog-Nick Roberts in Bulgaria

Posted on by Stephanie

Good morning everyone,

Thank you so much for all of your messages while I’ve been off work recently. I am hoping to be back on your screens within the next week or two.

I was recently contacted by Nick Roberts, an avid crafter and Create & Craft viewer, who has moved to Bulgaria and started his own craft club out there. I asked if he would be kind enough to do a guest post for my blog so here is his story:

Hi crafters, I’m Nick and I have been crafting in a small way since I was very young, like most people it started at primary school, making cards for Mother’s day and Easter. It was only when I found Create & Craft about 4 or 5 years ago that I started what you would call proper crafting.

I had a lot of trouble with my lungs as a baby and unfortunately the problem was ongoing. Crafting and the crafting community was an exciting discovery for me as it gave me a real purpose which I thoroughly enjoy. Apart from some restrictions I was able to live my life more or less as normal until the disease started to deteriorate and the company I worked for forced me to take an ill health retirement, so thank goodness for craft.

A couple of years ago my GP and specialist recommended a move to a drier climate as a possible way of slowing down the progression of my illness. I’m not the sort of person to give up, I’ve beaten it so far so I took their advice I auctioned the house to cover the mortgage, removal and of course my pets transport and came to Bulgaria to see whether the climate here would be beneficial.

It’s a very small farming village where I live and when I arrived here the locals made me feel so welcome. There is a real sense of community still and they all help each other. There is only one very small shop here that sell the very basics, such as milk and bread, it’s a bar really so they stock very little in the way of food. People have all been so friendly, sharing fruit, vegetables and eggs, they just share whatever they have. It seems the less people have the more generous and caring they are. It’s lovely to know that places like this still existed.

I really wanted to give something back to the village however small and a crafting club seemed the best as it’s something I could manage. They all love it and it fills me with pride every session, their faces say it all when they finish a card or project. It’s just simple things that surprised me, they were amazed that they could write with a quickie glue pen and cover in glitter, all things they had never even seen before such as stamps and embellishments etc. In a way, I suppose it’s like the first time anyone of us visited our first craft show.

Crafting in Bulgaria

Crafting in Bulgaria

Crafting in Bulgaria

Crafting in Bulgaria

Crafting in Bulgaria

Crafting in Bulgaria

Crafting in Bulgaria

Crafting in Bulgaria

Crafting in Bulgaria

Crafting in Bulgaria

Crafting in Bulgaria

Crafting in Bulgaria

Crafting in Bulgaria

Crafting in Bulgaria

Crafting in Bulgaria

Crafting in Bulgaria

Crafting in Bulgaria

Crafting in Bulgaria

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Betty’s in the dog house!

Posted on by Stephanie

So, I have a little story to tell you. One morning, not so long ago – as in yesterday, someone left our house early in the morning and unfortunately happened to not quite click a couple of doors closed….can you guess where this is going?

Being a little adventurer young Betty decided to investigate the undiscovered territory of the library and the craft room – it could have been so much worse but believe me, the devastation she left behind was phenomenal! This picture just shows the things she decided to take back to her bed to craft with later…

Betty's haul

So once we’d cleaned up and tidied up she decided that if she was going to be told off she was going to camouflage herself and hide in a pile of spots with Grace and Arthur, she wasn’t very convincing – she kept looking up to see if I’d gone away – Grace didn’t seem too happy with the cosy rug being gate crashed. So with her big brown eyes and cute face she’s forgiven again, until next time…………..

Spot the naughty pup!

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Dreamees and Tattered Lace

Posted on by Stephanie

Wow! Aren’t these samples just gorgeous? They have been created by the lovely Carol and Hayley from Dreamees for their shows on Create & Craft today at 10am and 6pm. Don’t the Tattered Lace dies work beautifully with their crafty style?

IMG_3218 IMG_3216

IMG_3215 IMG_3213

IMG_3212 IMG_3222

IMG_3221 IMG_3220


Tune in to see these and more samples…..

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Letting the cat (I mean puppy) out of the bag!!!

Posted on by Stephanie

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all feeling well and crafty this morning. I thought I’d share this picture with you today as it is making me smile, even though I took it a few days ago. She really is a little monkey, if we leave the chairs pulled out from the table she can be found rummaging through handbags and lunch bags galore. Recently she decided that this one was just the perfect size for a rest after all that exercise – at least she has style!

Betty in a Bag!

So you may or may not know about Betty, our new dalmatian puppy and let me tell you – she is a mischievous little soul!

Her latest game is to go to the pond in the garden, pull out the pond plants (you can imagine how much Karl loves THAT game!) and throw them around, she then runs off as if she thinks they are chasing her. She also loves running around the garden, leaping over chairs and under tables – its as though she thinks she is taking part in the sheepdog trials. I think she’s been watching too much Crufts myself, what do you think?

If you have pictures of your pets doing crazy things feel free to share them on my facebook and twitter pages! You’ll find links at the top of the page

PS HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!! We are just prepping some shows for this weekend and Betty took a shine to Nancy’s Deco Folly sheets from the 100 sheet megapack, needless to say another pack is on its way up to the studio as the shredded sheets really aren’t craftable anymore!!!

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Blooming Marvellous!!!

Posted on by Stephanie

Well aren’t these flowers just Blooming Marvellous! Karl has just surprised me with these beautiful flowers for my birthday and they are stunning, everyone has stopped work to have a look. Thank you to everyone who has sent cards and messages, I’m having a lovely day and feel very lucky that the sun is shining today – spring is coming!

Birthday Flowers

Birthday Flowers

Talking of Blooming Marvellous have you seen the new paper pads that we’ve just launched this morning on with the lovely Liz Curtis. We have had an absolute blast working with the designs on these pads, here are some images of a card that Diane created using a combination of Blooming Marvellous Paper Pads and the new Lavish Blooms dies that launch tomorrow – more about that then though!

Let me know what you think of the new pads….

Lavish Blooms cut from Blooming Marvellous

Mini Postcards from Blooming marvellous

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Painting & Zentangle Download

Posted on by Blog Admin

Hello Everybody,
Head on over to for these wonderful free downloads.

These Free downloads are available now from

Painting Sheet (1)Painting Sheet (2)Painting Sheet (3)

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Tattered Lace Christmas Special

Posted on by Stephanie

Join Nancy Watt on your screens tomorrow with an amazing new range of Christmas dies!

P1100282 P1100286

The fantastic value Christmas Special includes an amazing bumper collection of 30 festive word dies. Create a sentiment for any Christmas project with this stunning collection. With words including Merry, Happy, Christmas, New, Year, Noel and many more, you can create over 50 sentiments and greetings.

P1100285 P1100271

Also includes the beautiful Christmas Floral and Winter Floral dies perfect for adding a touch of festive glamour to your paper crafting projects. Plus the Click Print Go! CD-ROM contains printable shapes specially designed for your dies!

P1100280 P1100267

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